How (Not) To Shop At Target

Step 1: Only go into Target if you have a list. Never go in alone to just wander around. This is a dangerous space to enter without an end goal. Step 2: Verbally say your list as you walk inside so that you remind yourself not to get distracted. "Shampoo and garbage bags. Shampoo and … Continue reading How (Not) To Shop At Target

Life Lately.

Hello, friends! Monday means my brain is struggling for content, so here are a few snaps of life lately. Michael made us a table! Guys. It only took two years of marriage, but we did it. Per my request - he's going to stain the top and paint the bottom because I am a basic … Continue reading Life Lately.


64 days. 9 weeks. 2 months. Y'all. It's going to be fall. Even though living in the middle of North Carolina means that is is blazing hot until November and then it becomes freezing cold overnight. So, in reality we really only experience "fell" because it happens so fast it might as well be past … Continue reading Fall.