Life Lately.

Hello, friends! Monday means my brain is struggling for content, so here are a few snaps of life lately.


Michael made us a table! Guys. It only took two years of marriage, but we did it. Per my request – he’s going to stain the top and paint the bottom because I am a basic white girl who needs a farmhouse table.


Olive sleeps on her bed in our closet each night (peep my hot pink robe), and a few nights ago I looked over and saw her staring at me like this. She didn’t move from this position for a really long time. She was probably judging me for being in bed at 8:30pm.


Shout out to my sis-in-law for this DELICIOUS chicken recipe that I’ve made 4 times the past two weeks. I’ll blog the recipe soon! It’s so easy and it’s to die for.


Michael has recently joined me in the world of working out, and I must say – he’s more disciplined than I am.


Poor quality picture, but y’all this NEVER HAPPENS. She always snuggles Michael like this and acts like I am her lowly peasant, so I snapped this picture of a beautiful moment.


This just made me laugh out loud.


We threw a baby shower for one of my friends this weekend, and we had a circus theme for the “little peanut” on the way! My friend Sarah needs all the credit for the decor because she works pure magic. I am officially hiring her to decorate for my future children’s birthday parties.


Everyone stop reading this blog and go to your nearest Kroger or Whole Foods for this magic water. Seriously, I’ll wait. It’s better than La Croix (I know, who am I?) so don’t write it off until you’ve tried it. The lime flavor is the best one to start with!


Date your spouse, people. Friday nights are for my boo each week because being the wife of a student can be tough without intentional time. Last week we ate our weight in queso before heading to the movies (thanks, MoviePass).


I took the Pottermore (official Harry Potter site) test to see which house I was sorted into, and I got Gryffindor. So, my life is complete and my bags are packed for Hogwarts.


And finally, a little bit of encouragement for your Monday. See you Friday!

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